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me aaaaaaall day

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No one could ever understand

How much love I have for you. When you fall, you fall. You never get over a certain type of love. Only time can help. But time can do so much. It’s hard to say no to the person you love. More often then not, lessons have to be learned.

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"I can’t wait for the day when you realized you fucked up."

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She is literally perfect.


She is literally perfect.

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"I just want someone who won’t get annoyed when I text them six times or in all caps. Someone I can go on long drives with and can sing along to the radio with. Someone I can eat pizza with at 2am and kiss at 6pm. Someone who chooses me everyday and never thinks twice about it."

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"you can be in a relationship for two years and feel nothing; you can be in a relationship for 2 months and feel everything. time is not a measure of quality; of infatuation, or of love"

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get to know you meme: [1/10] favorite movies » harry potter and the chamber of secrets
"The Chamber is said to be home to something that only the Heir of Slytherin can control. It is said to be the home… of a monster."

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Photographer Translates His Nightmares Into Surreal, Haunting Photographs

by 19-year-old photographer Nicolas Bruno

I am in LOVE with these.

Graduate of my school, btw

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"You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway."

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